We have a 24 hour notice cancellation policy.   



Adults                                     ​$80.00 plus tax
Children (12 and under)         $50.00 plus tax

​Group rates and full day charters are available. 

​Trips leave daily at approx. 9am, and 1 pm and 5pm. Trips are 3 hours in length, however, we do ask that you arrive half an hour before departure for the trip briefing and suit fitting. We cannot possibly provide large numbers of suits in all sizes so we adopt a ‘first come, first served’ policy

We require a minimum of four passengers to run a trip.   If you have made a booking and there are not four people your options are:

      - Wait until more people sign up to go

      - Pay the price of four passengers to go on the boat

      - Go for half of the time

If there are not four people booked to go out, you will be notified the night before your trip after 8 pm.  We wait until then as we find that once people get settled into their acomodations for the evening and begin planning for the next day, we receive a lot of bookings. 

-Naturally you will want to take home records of your trip, however, please remember that digital cameras (in particular) can easily be ruined by exposure to moisture and/or sea water. While our guides and/or Captain may give you advice on keeping your cameras safe, you carry any sort of camera on our trips at your own risk . We do advise you not to be too eager to take pictures – sometimes the eye sends confusing messages to the brain – and there is nothing worse than checking your ‘shots’ to find that you have a small black line in a large expanse of sea! Our Captain will try to get you as close to getting good pictures as he can and as is reasonably legitimately possible, however, the welfare and lack of stress of the animals is paramount. We prefer them to come to us or be travelling on the same course.


Photo by Corey Prince All Rights Reserved

Photo by Howard Brodsky All Rights Reserved




We do ask for a credit card number to confirm your booking.